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Notice of Privacy Practices
This Notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information

Please Review This Notice Carefully

Home Medix is required to maintain the privacy of your Protected Health Information ("PHI") and to provide you with a notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to PHI. PHI is information about you, including basic demographic information, that may identify you and that relates to your past, present, or future physcical or mental health or condition and related health care services. This Notice of Privacy Practices ("Notice") describes how we may use and disclose your PHI to carry out treatment, payment, or health care operations and for other specified purposes that are permitted or required by law. The Notice also describes your rights with respect to your PHI.

Home Medix is required to follow terms of this Notice. We will use your PHI for purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations. We will not use or disclose your PHI for any other purposes about you without your written authorization, except as described in this Notice. We reserve the right to change our practices and this Notice and to make the new Notice effective for all PHI we maintain. Upon request, we will provide a revised Notice to you.

How Home Medix May Use or Disclose Your Health Information

For Treatment. Home Medix may use your health information to provide, coordinate, and manage your healthcare and related services. For example, information obtained by a health care provider, such as a physician, nurse, or pharmacist providing health services to you will record information in your record that is related to your treatment. This information is necessary for health care providers to determine what treatment you should receive. Health care providers will also record actions taken by them in the course of your treatment and note how you respond to the actions. Home Medix, for example, will use this information to confer with your physician regarding your prescription needs.

For Payment. Home Medix may use and disclose your health information to others for purposes of receiving payment for services that you receive. For example, Home Medix will contact your insurer, or other third-party payors to determine whether it will pay for your prescription and the amount of your copayment responsibility. Home Medix will bill you, or a third-party payor, for the cost of services provided to you. The information on, or accompanying, the bill may include information that identifies you, as well as the service prvided.

For Health Care Operations. Home Medix may use and disclose health information about you for operational purposes. For example, your health information may be used by members of the Home Medix staff to:

evaluate the performance of our service reps, technicians, and other staff;
assess the quality of service and outcomes in your case and similar cases;
learn how to improve our facilities and services;
determine how to continually improve the quality and effectiveness of the health services we provide to you.

Home Medix Will Use or Disclose PHI In Its Regular Course of Business For The Following Reasons:

Communication With You. Home Medix may use your information to provide information about service alternatives that may be of interest to you.

Communication With Individuals Involved in Your Service or Payment for Your Service. Home Medix, using our professional judgement, may disclose to other health care professionals such as physicians and pharmacists, a family member, other relative, close personal friend, or any person you identify, PHI relevant to that person's involvement in your service or payment related to your service.

Notification. Home Medix may use or disclose PHI about you to notify or assist in notifying a family member, personal representative, or another person responsible for your care, your location, and general condition

Required by Law. Home Medix may use and disclose information about you as required by law. For example, Home Medix may disclose information for the following purposes:

for judicial and administrative proceedings pursuant to legal authority;
to report information related to victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence; and
to assist law enforcement officials in their law enforcement duties.

Incidental Disclosures. Home Medix may disclose PHI incidental to our provision of treatment, payment, or health care I operations. For example, in our telephone discussions with physicians, PHI might be overheard by a member of our staff other than the staff member placing the call.

Public Health. Your health information may be used or disclosed for public health activities such as assisting public health authorities or other legal authorities to prevent or control disease, injury, or disability, or for other health oversight activities.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Home Medix may disclose to the FDA or its agents PHI adverse events with respect to drugs,. foods, supplements, products and product defects, or post marketing surveillance information to enable product recalls, repairs, or replacement.

Health Oversight Activities. Home Medix may disclose PHI about you to an oversight agency for activities authorized by law. These oversight activities include audits, investigations, and inspections, as necessary for our licensure and for the government to monitor the health care system, government programs, and compliance with civil rights laws.

Business Associates. There are some services provided by us through contracts with business associates. Examples include, from time to time, mailing or delivery services. When these services are contracted for, we may disclose PHI about you to our business associate only to the extent necessary so that they can perform the job we have asked them to do. To protect PHI about you, we require the business associate to appropriately safeguard the PHI.

Worker's Compensation. Your health information may be used or disclosed in order to comply with laws and regulations related to Worker's Compensation.

Home Medix Is Further Permitted to Use or Disclose PHI About You For the Following Purposes:

Coroners, Medical Examiners, and Funeral Directors. Home Medix may release PHI about you to a coroner or medical examiner. This may be necessary for example, to identify a deceased person or determine the cause of death. Home Medix may also disclose PHI to funeral directors consistent with applicable law to carry out their duties.

Organ or Tissue Procurement Organizations. Consistent with applicable law, Home Medix may disclose PHI about you to organ procurement organizations or other entities engaged in the procurement, banking, or transplantation of organs for the purpose of tissue donation and transplant.

Correctional Institution. If you are, or become, an inmate of a correctional institution, Home Medix may disclose to the institution or its agents PHI necessary for your health and the health and safety of others.

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