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Basic Home And Equipment Safety Guidelines

ELECTRICAL PLUGS - Durable Medical Equipment requiring hospital grade plugs or ground type plugs are not to be substituted or the ground plug removed for any reason. Three prong ground adapters can be used when necessary or appropriate.

ELECTRICAL EXTENSION CORDS present a trip hazard and should be avoided whenever possible. In the event that an electrical extension cord must be used, the extension cord should be of industrial heavy duty quality and sufficient capacity. if they must be placed across a traffic area, they must be well secured to the floor with duct tape to prevent trips; Light duty electrical extension cords can be extremely dangerous and must be avoided. Extension cords should checked for frayed areas, bare wires and damaged ends before and routinely during use.

ELECTRICAL RECEPTACLES - Durable Medical Equipment requiring electricity should not be plugged into multiple adapters (i.e. more than one electrical cord for any given receptacle). Electrical receptacles should be checked for cracks and proper grounding before usage.

ELECTRICAL CORDS, be they free standing or part of an apparatus, are not to be used for lashing purposes.

DON'T SMOKE near oxygen or in bed. Keep all electrical equipment away from WATER (sinks, swamp coolers, etc.) and HEAT SOURCES (furnaces, heaters, tire places, stoves, etc.)

Don't use THROW RUGS, unless they are rubber backed to prevent slips.

SMOKE ALARMS save lives! They are available in drug and hardware stores.

TREES AND BUSHES outside your home should be well trimmed to prevent injury to you and others.

SHOWERS AND TUBS are slip and fall areas. If you do not have SAFETY GRAB BARS, call us for information.

CANES, CRUTCHES AND WALKERS - Call us or come into our office for NEW RUBBER TIPS when yours become worn or cracked. This can be the direct cause of a fall or slip.

Do not carry OXYGEN TANKS in the trunk of a car, secure them in the interior and provide ventilation. Do not remove your large tank from- its base. The base is designed to prevent the tank from falling over and causing possible damage or injury.

WHEELCHAIR - Always make sure both, wheel locks are on before you get out or into your chair. This will prevent the chair from rolling away from you and possible injury.

HOSPITAL BED - do not unlock the locks on the wheels of your bed. This may cause the bed to roll out from under you when you enter or exit the bed. Use all RESTRAINTS, including side rails and footrests with extreme caution!

TRAPEZE - Your trapeze is not designed to support your full body weight. You are only to use your trapeze to assist yourself in sitting up and changing position in the bed.

BATH BAR - Bath bars are not designed to support your full weight. They are only designed to support your partial weight when entering or leaving the tub or shower Stop using your bath bar immediately should the wing nut(s) or bolts or screws come loose.

Home Medix, Inc. assumes no responsibility for injury related to the above, or for your use or lack of use of these suggestions.

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